About Me

Good morning good evening wherever you are!


My name is Astrid Wett. You most likely have seen me on TikTok, Twitter, Pornhub, YouTube or maybe you don’t even know me at all!


My career began in February 2021, when I first started I never in my wildest dreams expected to be in the position I am today. In a nutshell I’m 21 year old content creator from the south of England with a huge passion for football and social media! But let’s go into more detail…..


Such a huge part of my life is football, ever since I was a little girl I’ve been watching Chelsea. My support stems from my dad who was and still is a huge fan. My family weren’t in the most privileged position when I was a kid, not to mention we also lived a considerable journey from Stamford Bridge, so going to games was few and far between. I left home at 16 and moved into my first house, shared with 5 other tenants from the same area, it wasn’t much but it was something to call home. I studied at Portsmouth College to become a trained beautician, then got my first job self-employed working in a small salon! Absolutely loved it, the connection with clients and friends whilst working is something I’ll never forget. I continued this up until March 2020 when the pandemic hit and nationwide lockdown came with it. Because I’d been self employed for less than 2 weeks I wasn’t entitled to any of the government benefit schemes introduced to supports workers through this time, so I really struggled. In February 2021 I decided to match my love for Chelsea with porn and my god was it the best thing I ever did. 


What do I do now? I wish it was as easy as that haha! Content creator is probably the best job description, but I’ll try my best to explain in a bit more detail. Pornstar, YouTuber, TikToker, Influencer the list goes on, so many exciting adventures. Make sure to check out my social media tab so you can keep to date with what I’m doing (as trust me there’s a lot!). 


Fast forward to today and I’m currently the market leader in female football content, with well over 100 MILLION impressions a month across all my platforms. Well there you go there’s a very short about me and why I started. Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this opportunity, believe me when I say this is only the start..

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