Frequently Asked Questions

My page is FULL NUDE, everything shown! Visit the OnlyFans tab on my website for more info.

Saving on OnlyFans isn’t an option for any creator. You will only be able to view the content for the duration of your subscription.


All of my content is copyrighted and protected by RULTA, I pay them a lot of money to exclusively protect my content and prosecute any person who doesn’t follow said rules. Not to worry all content and messages in our personal dms will stay regardless of subscription!

All purchases will show on your bank as “Felix International” the company that run OnlyFans. 

To sign up to Only Fans you must be a minimum of 18 years of age (may vary by country).


There are no exceptions to this. When you sign up to Only Fans you will be asked to verified your age to ensure you are following guidelines. 



I reply to every single subscriber no matter the question. Come join and we can chat about your day, your weekend plans or something a bit naughtier! I do all my messages in order, so please don’t spam me or you’ll just wait longer for a reply. I’ll always do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Firstly have you received a confirmation email ? If not please email


Once purchased your request will be pending to make sure what you’ve asked for I will complete. Don’t worry! This is just to filter out anything silly, I accept 99% of all my requests. If for some reason your order is not accepted you will be fully refunded.


Once accepted, you’ll receive the completed video messages within 3-5 working days. If you are still awaiting delivery please contact . Video messages will be delivered by instagram/twitter or email!


If you have any questions feel free to email

There is a huge difference.


A video message will just be a normal video of me fully clothed saying a happy birthday or whatever is requested.


A NSFW custom video is a fully customisable full nude porn video. Once approved this is sent via OnlyFans.

Video calls can be whatever you like!


The price covers both not safe for work (NSFW) and just a normal chat. So whether you fancy a full blown session with me or you just want to chill you’re welcome to do either.


All video calls are carried out via SnapChat. Under no circumstance will any other platform be accepted, video calls are unfortunately not eligible to be recorded. If you want a video that can be rewatch then a custom video is what you need to purchase! 


You must be 18+ for a video call, whether it’s NSFW or not. Age is verified by OnlyFans as you must have an account, with each purchase you’ll be given a completely free month subscription worth $30!

A video message is my very own Cameo!


You can request me to say anything from a birthday message, pep talk , roast of your mates or anything you can think of (within reason!)


All video message requests need to be accepted, so once you’ve paid your order will change to pending whilst it is being approved. 

There are no restrictions on a personal video message as there is no explicit content involved.


If you want an explict video message this will be a NSFW custom which is 18+ only.

Once the order has been paid and approved details and delivery will be sent via email.


You will be given a completely free 1 month Only Fans subscription worth $30! This will be used to verify your age. Once the custom is completed the video will be delivered on Only Fans.

Unfortunately all services are online only. There isn’t any opportunity for any kind of NSFW person services.

If you are having any trouble or have any questions please contact


I’ll get back to you as soon as I can usually with 48 hours, but please be patient as currently I only have a small team!

Need more information? Get in touch.

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